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More Than Just An ID Holder: The Different Uses of Lanyards

More Than Just An ID Holder: The Different Uses of Lanyards

In an age where smartphones are prized for compressing the functions of mobile phones, computers, mp3 players, GPS tracking devices, and calculators into one sleek gadget, multi-tasking is clearly the watchword. It’s no longer enough for an invention to serve a single purpose, and conversely, savvy shoppers are forever looking for ways to stretch the usefulness of their purchases.

ID lanyardID lanyards are no different, especially when one considers the reason behind their current popularity. Students, government or company employees, and event organizers usually wear them to schools, offices, and specific occasions, respectively. Since security and perhaps even exclusivity are paramount in the said locations, having one’s ID out in the open is important for its bearer to have instant access. But because ID lanyards are now very much part of most uniforms, their manufacturers have begun to make different sorts of attachments to serve a multitude of purposes while wearers have come up with creative ways to maximize their use.

Apart from holding ID cards, badges, and other similar forms of identification, ID lanyards can also be used to:

• Prevent keys from being misplaced.

Key chains might be a more common option, but ID lanyards with special hooks for keys allow users to wear keys around their neck. This makes it harder to drop the keys while they are in use, and also makes it easier for those in a hurry to unlock doors or boxes since they wouldn’t have to fish the keys out of a bag or purse.

• Accessorize or personalize electronic gadgets.

Most smartphones or mp3 players are equipped with a tiny hole at the top that allow for a lanyard to be looped around it. Some lanyards that come with nifty little accessories like Swarovski crystals or colored beads are popular among gadget users who want to put a more personal touch on their belongings. A few companies have even come up with ID lanyards that also function as earphones.

• Serve as a safety strap for those operating heavy or dangerous machinery.

In some workplaces, ID lanyards worn by workers can be attached to the main switches of the machines that they operate so that in case they pass out and fall, the lanyards will pull on the switch and shut off the machine.

• Secure small instruments meant for self-defense.

For those walking the streets late at night, lanyards can be attached to tiny canisters of pepper spray or Swiss knives. This way, the user can wield them more readily if the need arises. The sight of such items around the neck of a pedestrian could also be a deterrent to those who mean to attack.

• Keep sunglasses or eyeglasses from getting lost

Lanyards can be temporarily looped around one’s spectacles so that they don’t fall off, especially at outdoor activities.

• Put identification tags on pets.

Lanyards can make great makeshift leashes for pets. An added bonus is owners can put their pet’s name and emergency information on the accompanying cards.

• Hold camping essentials in one place.

Lanyards made of heavy-duty or perhaps even waterproof material are ideal for this purpose. Roughing it out in the woods can be easier if certain tools like compasses, utility knives, or lighters were all attached to one lanyard, and thus more readily available.

Clearly, with a little ingenuity, coming up with multiple uses for even the simplest gadget isn’t too hard. Sometimes, the process ends up opening one’s eyes to a whole lot of other possibilities that they never would have considered otherwise. And in a world where plenty of unnecessary wastes abound, that sort of mindset is always a plus.

Significance of Military Coin

Significance of Military Coin

 A lot of people don’t know what custom military coin really are. They don’t really know how they are used in military rank. The US Armed Forces have a tradition of carrying these kinds of coin which symbolize not only their unit or team’s identity but also brotherhood in the army. Custom military coin bear a unique unit or team symbol or motto which identifies the group. They are often presented, traded and collected by the unit members. Military Coin, also known as challenge coin, instill pride to those who have them.

military coinsCustom military coin started from fifty to one-hundred years ago. The most documented and famous story about these coin is about an American pilot during the World War I who was shot and forced to return to the ground in a German territory. The American pilot was captured and forced into temporary detention in a prison which was bombarded by the British force later on. The American pilot, given an opportunity to escape, took his chance. He was later on captured by French soldier. Since most of his personal belongings were confiscated by the German, he cannot show any proof of his nationality nor his allegiance; thus, the French detained him and was prepared to be executed.

The American pilot pleaded and presented the challenge coin he received from his wealthy Lieutenant before his deployment. The coin contain the American’s squadron insignia. The executioners postponed his execution, and waited for his identity to be verified. He was later on released and instead of shooting him with guns, he was given a bottle of wine. The challenge coin, according the legend, saved the American pilot’s life from execution by the French.

The popularity of custom military coin today has increased from just being a symbol for military member. They are also traded among soldier or active member, retirees, and non-military personnel within other government organization. It has also been a standard to give a challenge coin as a sign of a sign of gratitude and respect. Several United States President like the former United States President William “Bill Clinton” has a vast number of military coins which were presented to him by U.S. service member. On his official portrait in the White House, this challenge coin can be seen displayed on his background.

During his short but unexpected visit in Iraq, Former United States President George W. Bush received a coin from a combat patrol unit from the U.S. Marines. On the other hand, current United States President Barack Obama honored the deceased Fort Hood Shooting soldier with challenge coin. Challenge coin was also given to guest of the White House as well as diplomats from foreign countrie. Other countrie such as United Kingdom, Canada, even Australia, followed this long-running United States tradition.

For the past years, military coin changed from just simple designs to colorful and elaborate ones. The earliest military coin were simple and made from brass coin with not so clear emblems and almost unrecognizable inscriptions. Nowadays, modern military coin are allowed to display 3D or 3-dimensional designs like those found in common coins. Any military coin can now be made depending on each individual’s choice. One of the most popular designs of military coin has photographic insert, an actual picture attached in either one or both side of it.

Military coins can be given to any armed service or military member. For example, cadets may receive a coin upon graduation. Custom military coins were also given to war heroes who returned from duty. These personalized tokens of appreciation not only built unity among the unit or the team but also boosted the morale of each member. It is true that military coins mean a lot.

Custom military coins bear a unique unit or team symbol or motto which identifies the group.

Benefits of Using Portable Storage Containers

Benefits of Using Portable Storage Containers

Are you wondering what makes portable storage containers very popular among home owners?

Believe it or not, these storage containers have been around for more than ten years and have been used in many ways. Back then storages are leased rooms where you can simply place in your items. Now, these come in different sizes and can be moved from one location to the next. It has benefitted home owners since especially those who move a lot. These also present a number of uses that makes it very attractive especially those with businesses. They can easily store items they don’t need or are seasonal for them.

As the number of facilities that offer portable storage containers continue to grow, here’s a look at the benefits you can get from leasing these.


Movability or portability is the first benefit you get from using these portable storage containers. Their sizes are enough for them to fit in parking spaces and even driveways. Instead of you going to the storage location to place your items, you can easily request a container to be brought to your home. All you need to worry about now is packing your things before loading it in the container. The same goes if you wish to take an item from your storage area. You can ask the keepers to bring the item to your home. These are very convenient especially if you have a business or have exhibits. You can ask the storage keepers to bring your items during a certain date for display.

You can also take it anywhere with trucks. This has been proven to be very ideal for people who move from one location to another. They can easily bring with them the items they cherish very much.

Immediate Storage

storage-containerYou don’t need to assemble a storage area or have one made for you. These containers do nicely for immediate use. You can just lease it and if you already have one you can just store away the items you want stored. It is durable enough that it can stand against any weather changes. This is the reason why many prefer these storage devices especially when they wish to remove all the clutter from their home. They can immediately put it away. If you are remodeling your home, you can keep your furniture here too. These portable storages come in different sizes that you can keep more items if you want.


One of the benefits of using portable storage containers is the flexibility that such containers provide their users. You can use it for almost any activities and projects you have in mind. You can use it as a means of storage for items you are not using anymore, items which are out of season, and a temporary storage for your home’s contents when you are remodeling among other things. Most of the time, these are used to store items which you wish to take with you as you move to another


When it comes to business, owners with shops can use this to store their stocks. At some point, those with clothing shops or fashion galleries use these to store their items either for future use or after their fashion shows.

Portable storage containers are some of the best solutions to clutter problems. You don’t have to stock everything in your home and have it wasted away by dust or other microbes. You don’t even have to worry where to place your things or how to arrange your furniture. You can also easily move in your home, redecorate if needed, remodel, or even clear the spaces for certain social functions. These storage areas help ease your worry about where to put all your stuff for safekeeping.