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Choosing Men’s Golf Shirts

Choosing Men’s Golf Shirts

When playing golf, one of the most essential factors to improve the game is by wearing comfortable golf apparels. One of the most recommended is wearing collared shirts since it also complies with a majority of the required dress code for playing in clubs. These collared shirts are considered as traditional golf shirts since it enhances the perception that golf is a gentleman’s sport.

Shirt Design and Construction

golfGolf tops are basically a t-shirt with an attached collar and a buttoned down slit, which have an optional pocket. However, only a small segment of the collared shirts produced by clothing manufacturers are normally designed for sports. The reason for this is that collared shirts are popularly used by men and women outside the sport of golf. This is because collared shirts are perceived to be casual chic from teenagers and even by corporate professionals. Therefore, a majority of the clothing materials used to make these collared shirts run the gamut from cotton to polyester and even a combination of both depending on the desired use.

The increased popularity of the use of collared shirts are due to the focused effort by clothing companies to make these collared shirts comfortable and fashionable. This is why some companies require their employees to use collared shirts as part of their uniform instead of having a specially designed uniform. Another reason for this is that collared shirts are normally offered by numerous clothing manufacturers in various colors, sizes, and styles.

Numerous sports apparel companies also include the collared shirt design in their collections since these can be made with specially treated materials. Some of the most popular collections are those with moisture wicking properties or those that easily cool down the individual’s body. This is why most of the golf shirts are made with a variety of materials that are applicable to numerous climates. The main purpose of which is that athletes and non-professionals can practice their sports in any kind of weather.

Depending on the requirements of the professionals and non-professionals, some clothing companies may even offer custom designed collared shirts. This is normally the case when clubs want to offer their own brands in their stores or even on websites. This is already implemented by the Professional Golfers Association when they offered golf apparel in their website such as jackets, sun visors, and gloves. Rockbottomgolf offer their own brands of golf apparel manufactures in various colors, sizes and styles.

The Best Fit

golfFor first time golfers, the best way to appear confident about the sport is by choosing the right golf apparel. The first apparel that needs to be chosen are golf shirts since these are the most basic dress code requirement of the club. However, finding the perfect fit and style is considered to be difficult especially since a high number of professional golfers have their own style. Some professional golfers follow the traditional dress code by wearing front-pleated pants and collared shirts. Some of the non-traditionalist golfers prefer to be as loud as possible with clashing colors and print. This is where the new golfer will have to decide on what style will be followed, which is either the traditionalist or the non-conformists.

This requires additional research for what type of golf shirts suits the individual before purchasing. The main consideration is the body chemistry of the individual since some perspire heavily while others appear as if they have strolled out of the club lounge. It is always best to ask the apparel store employees on what type of material will be appropriate for the changing weather of a specific area. Some employees will even suggest a better brand and material if the individual eventually plans on testing golf courses in other states or countries.

It is always a good idea to test the golf shirts if it is appropriate to a specific body type especially when hiding flaws such as a large tummy. Always remember that the collared shirt must be loose enough to be comfortable since tight fitting golf shirts are not flattering as well as hinders game playing.