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Long Island real estate: Brooklyn, New York City

Long Island real estate: Brooklyn, New York City

When people speak of Long Island real estate, they usually refer to real estate properties located in the two boroughs of New York City, Long Island. And these are Queens and Brooklyn, New York City.

Brooklyn has the distinction of being known as the most populous of the five boroughs of New York City with an estimated population of more than three million residents. A comfortable number of residents for a land area of 71 million square miles, and for more about residents option visit www.li-realestatefinder.com.

real estateMuch like its neighbor Queens, Brooklyn is celebrated for its culturally diverse communities. Residents of Brooklyn are a mix of Jewish, Asian, Europeans, Hispanic, and African Americans. For some other city or state this is a volatile mix of peoples with differing cultures that could lead to conflict and civil unrest. This is not the case for Brooklyn however. The peaceful co-existence of its ethnic communities is due in large part to the motto of Brooklyn. The people of the area believe that ‘In Unity, there is strength.’ And it is this belief that has galvanized its residents in the common cause of building healthy and thriving communities.

Exactly how diverse are the ethnic communities found in this piece of Long Island real estate? Here is a list of the ethnic enclaves found in Brooklyn:

Brownsville was first a Jewish enclave back in the 1970s. Now it has turned into an African American enclave after most of its Jewish residents moved out and its African American population increased.

Midwood, on the other hand, was known for being an Irish enclave in the early 20th century and remained so for more than 50 years before it shifted to being a Jewish enclave as Jewish residents started setting up residence in the area. It is soon expected to turn into a Pakistani enclave, with the Jewish residents of Midwood being replaced by Pakistani migrants flocking in the area in recent years.

The Long Island real estate known for its large community of Latinos is Bushwick. It boasts of hosting the largest Hispanic American community in Long Island, New York City. Its Latino population is a mix of Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, South Americans, Panamanians and Mexicans. Although majority of its residents are said to be Puerto Ricans. Nevertheless, in Bushwick, any Spanish speaking migrant will feel right at home with its more than 80% Hispanic population.

A well-known African American ethnic hub in Long Island is Bedford-Stuyvesant. It is regarded as a hub of African American culture often referred to in popular American literature, music and the arts. Hip hop is said to have emerged from Bedford-Stuyvesant because of the influence of African American artists and musicians that reside there.

Representing the eastern European block in Long Island are Brighton and Sheepshead Bay. Here Russians and Ukrainians reside. Also known as ‘Little Odessa’ it is no surprise Ukrainians out number all other ethnic residents in this piece of Long Island real estate. Although it’s only a matter of time before ‘Little Odessa’ is referred to as ‘Little Russia’ because of the influx of Russian migrants in recent years.

In all the ethnic enclaves of Brooklyn the common theme is change. Change dictated by the ebb and flow of migrants that arrive in the city every year. The face of ethnic enclaves in Brooklyn have transformed through the years depending on the majority ethnic group that reside in the communities. Despite this constant flux of peoples and their conflicting cultures,Brooklyn has managed to inspire its residents to pursue a common goal. And that is to build healthy communities its residents can expect to flourish and thrive in.